Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

12th June 2018 0 By Jamie Francis

There are a gazillion of gifts you can purchase for tech lovers out there. However finding a suitable gift is not a walk in the park since you have to consider factors such as taste, preferences, and obsessions. The speed at which technology is evolving it is pretty easy to be lost on choice from items to buy. If you are finding it hard to come up with an ideal gift for a tech lover, then you have come to the right place. Do not fret. We will walk you through some of the latest technology inventions you can gift your loved one. Below we have categorized some of the most suitable gifts for technology obsessed individuals.

Virtual Reality Gifts

The virtual Reality technology has been gaining traction over the years thanks to its widely spread the online buzz. If you wish to surprise your loved ones some of the best virtual reality device include;

HTC Vive- It is the best Virtual reality experience out there. To get full room virtual reality effect, all you need is to have a computer, motion controllers and extra sensor that you may need.

Oculus Rift- Is another top of the list virtual reality device. It is a good alternative to HTC Vive.

Both HTC Vive and Oculus rift require a computer and a bit of set up. There are also phone based Virtual reality headsets such as Samsung Gear VR. If you want a VR headset for a child, then Mattel View-Master VR is an ideal gift.

Video game

Video games are suitable gifts for technology lovers. The hot new controllers and stellar game libraries will give an exhilarating experience to your loved ones. If you do not mind spending slightly more, and especially if your ‘giftee’ is a massive gamer, then think about getting a unique gaming simulator the likes of which Turnkey Simulators ( provide. This rig can be built as needed, and can provide a splendid gaming experience. The best part? It can be installed right in the home!

Further, some of the most suitable gifts for gamers include Nintendo Switch pro, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Red Redemption, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Marvels Spiderman. You could even let them know that they can re-live their childhood favorite games from when the Super Nintendo was around, for example, thanks to the emulators on


While this may not be an actual “tech-gift”, it does help the person maintain their eye health. Most techies and tech-lovers are supposedly staring at computer screens for long hours and can thus harm their eyes. Gifting a pair of blue light glasses or anti-glares can help them take care of their eyes better.


If you are looking for an elegant and classy gift, then a smartwatch is an ideal gift. One of the best smartwatches in the market is the Apple Watch S4. In essence, it is good for day to day interaction. In addition to being faster than previous generation watches, it has more features. It has a fall detection feature and more focus on Apple Health.


If you want to a surprise that will send your loved one into a frenzy and thank you for the rest of their life, then you should consider Google pixel 3 XL phone. This phone has the best software experience and a fantastic camera. It also has meaningful artificial intelligence features. Similarly, you could get a new Kindle as Kindle reviews will help advise for you.


One of the best gifts you can buy a tech enthusiastic individual is the best audio gear. Young people especially gaming enthusiastic have a special admiration for headsets. For Instance Beyer dynamic DT 1990 pro is perhaps the best headphone in the market. In addition to excellent build and sound quality, they have the best design, imaging, and value for money.


A digital camera is a suitable option for tech enthusiasts. The best camera that is pocket-friendly and stands out among the rest is the NIKON D850. It has a 45.7 MP sensor for better landscape, still set up and fashion set up resolutions. With a 7fps a 153 point AF system it means it reliable even for challenging conditions.


There is a wide range of gifts you can purchase for technology enthusiastic. However, these gifts vary according to individual taste and preference. Some people are more into gaming while others are obsessed with phones. It is imperative to conduct preliminary research to ensure they match individual preference. You can, however, rest assured that any of the above surprise gifts will send your loved one heart into frenzy.