About Spring Tech

About Spring Tech

After reading the articles on my website, you would be quite likely thinking about the brain behind this information. It will be better to inform that one person could never create, update and maintain such a big website. Although people like to call me as the owner of this information portal, I would like to describe myself as a geek trying to help others.

Back in school, I was not that guy who likes to assist others in their projects. On the other hand, I really liked to keep it to myself and never really had my own gang of friends. But, even at that time, I was super interested in technology and gadgets. I was often found with a screwdriver or a tape measure trying to know how a device worked.

I was famous for fixing broken devices which were mostly a case of good luck. Although I was able to mend a few gadgets yet I knew nothing about technology as a whole. My best place to be was the library apart from the room where I spent hours on the computer searching about new technologies in the world.

Eventually, my parents recognized my passion for this subject and asked me to enter a university programme. I was not sure about the step, but their support allowed me to believe in myself. For the next four years, I spent time in three institutions as I dropped out of one.  The experience of learning my favorite subject from top-level professors was the best part of life. They were kind enough to teach me almost everything I was capable of learning.


After completing my formal education, I went on to work in a company from the IT sector. There I met some of the brightest minds who were as passionate as me.  For the first time in my life, I was able to make friends due to our common love for technology.  After a few years of spending days talking and researching about the tech market, we decided to create a programme for educating the masses about the best from the tech industry.

In the initial days, four of my colleagues and I created content for our project that would inform, educate and inspire students as well as normal people about technology. Due to our contacts, we were able to schedule some lectures in three different colleges.  I must admit that it was the most nervous I had ever felt.

Eventually, I was able to dodge my anxiety and speak in front of more than 300 students. It was not a one-way interaction as they had many queries in mind.  While providing them with answers, I made personal contacts with some brilliant students. They were more than willing to help my team in achieving our goal.

By the time ten lectures completed, we became a center of attraction in the world of tech information and assessment. But, educating students never satisfied me as the main beneficiaries of this project should have been those people who had no tech background whatsoever.

There came in the idea of creating a website that would help millions of readers with the least efforts. It would allow me to communicate with those that have the least know how but wanted to improve their hold on technology.

In the beginning, I was able to create a basic website with substandard graphics. But, it had the capability to resolve limitless queries.  Some of my students who were well experienced in content creation and website development helped me.  Through their assistance, I could create something that would attract the casual audience who were never interested in me.

My teammates also became interested in my journey and gave in their valuable information to make the website more dynamic. With time, the website has been able to gain superior traction, and the word for mouth aspects has also become better.

I am open to considering every suggestion and criticism you have for this website. Just keep your comments short and to the point making them easier for me to react upon.  Again, it is my humble request that you go through the whole website before coming up with direct messages as more than often the answers are waiting there to get discovered.