Home Security

Home Security

Home security has been one of the most crucial aspects of human civilization since times immemorial. Our home is often our biggest investment, and its safety is of paramount importance. That is why several house owners often consider looking for Security services offered by highly-trained and experienced staff. Such people can be more than capable of assessing potential security issues, recommending fixes, and providing the protective force needed to keep a property secure. Besides this, some house owners also consider purchasing CCTV cameras and alarm systems to keep an eye on their property.

There is no denying that our safe place is essential for our survival in one way or the other and this is one of the most fundamental aspects of our existence is at risk 24×7. There are core protection practices that we can put in place from security doors and frosted window film, all the way to smart locks and home security tech, which is incredibly important nowadays.

Theft and burglary have been on the rise worldwide, let alone in the US. Thousands of homes are mugged every day causing millions of dollars worth of loss for homeowners. To combat this issue, many companies similar to Camlock have come up with devices that use cutting-edge technology to safeguard our beloved homes. These products work on various levels to minimize the chances of somebody breaking into your property.

Plus, they also work to ensure that every disaster is curbed no matter how small or big it is. For extra security, some homeowners will petition their HOA to look into residential security that patrols the neighborhood, using companies like https://communitysecurity.com/ to fulfill this need. A double layer of security will not only deter those who wish to break in, but it may be able to catch them quickly with manpower and technology subduing them.

Here, we will be discussing the best home security systems available today.


EVne though the service providers are quite new to the industry, Vivint has some of the most esteemed home security systems available in the market. They are the best bet when it comes to combining home automation with home security. The voice control option is another feature that can be used for various purposes- from turning up the heat to closing a door. Again, the company has not left any stones unturned to make your home a technology powerhouse. It comes with the option of customizing security packages and trial contracts. They also provide free consultations but are often criticized for their high costs and few failures.


No one beats Frontpoint when it comes to customer service. Without a doubt, it has the easiest DIY installation process which has been the major reason for its success. Moreover, it also provides a thirty day trial period which has greatly increased its mass appeal.

One more advantage for going with Frontpoint is that it provides CO and smoke monitors in its basic plans which are not available with its competitors. It works smoothly with popular home technologies like Alexa making it more convenient for users. The only con with the system is its costly monitoring fees.


There will be no exaggeration if we substitute the phrase ‘best monitoring experience’ with ADT. As of now, there is no completion when it comes to ADT’s experience in home security monitoring. With more than eight million happy customers and background of 140 years of service, there is nothing much left to prove.

It has been able to maintain its position due to its excellent response time, outstanding guarantees, free risk assessment for the entire home and six monitoring centers to manage their clients.

But, on the downside, there are no trial periods and short contracts and an expensive fee in case of early termination.

Protect America

In every market, there is a player that works for people with budget issues. Protect America is one such affordable security company that has the minimum monitoring fees. They only charge $19.99 each month for their basic landline monitoring. Again, as long as the plan remains, you will never be bothered for an increase in fees.

Some of its pros are lifetime warranty, a variety of packages and three monitor options to choose from. On the other hand, few customers have noted that upgrading their packages leads to a lot of confusion.

Link Interactive

For the most part of its life, Link Interactive has been popular for the most extensive basic plans available to customers. The mid-level Gold package has been their best product which only excludes live streaming and video monitoring. It provides mobile access and regular alerts, 24/7 monitoring by professionals and home automation. Additionally, it comes with Crash and Smash protection (which protects the device from being hampered). In the basic plan, it will cover around 48 door and window sensors too. Thus it should be entitled as the king of fundamental security service providers.

It is quite an overwhelming experience to choose the best security provider for your home. Home security is a big commitment, and you would like to deal with the best service possible within your budget. Again, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little extra on security. Looking at the current crime rates, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do not waste time and choose one from above in the next heartbeat.