Amazing Gadgets

Amazing Gadgets

In the past 70 years, human civilization has been in a rat race to come up with the most inspiring and jaw-dropping technological phenomena ever. During the struggle of attracting and fascinating mass audience, our experts have been able to develop life-changing technologies. Some of them have also produced products that will never be used as a universal scale even after their great usefulness.

Thus, it will not be outrageous to claim that thousands of new products come at our disposal every year. While many of them fade away into obscurity, some are well received by both critics and users. In this crowd of low key experiments and some over the top inventions, we have compiled the list of the most enthralling gadgets available to society. These devices have been included based upon their usefulness, appeal, trustworthiness, and performance. In order to keep things simple, we have only focused on products that are new age and futuristic.

Samsung The Wall TV

For most of you, the name would suggest a 98-inch 8K TV in all its glory. However, the leading technology giant has used the platform for releasing the grandest 4K MicroLED TV ever made. The mere look of this television will prevent you from visiting a movie hall or a sports arena for that matter. Although the exact day of release and price has not been announced yet, we believe that it will be a game changer in the market ruled by the LG Wallpaper TV. It is fascinating to see how far television has come over the years, the fact that TVs like this now exist for people to have in their homes is amazing. Just looking at the history of cable TV and TVs, in general, is a historical trip through the way that technology has shaped and impacted all of our lives.

Sphero Specdrums

Most of us believe our wardrobe to be boring, but that is not the case with Sphero Spectrum. Don’t panic and read again- this technological marvel allows you to hear colors. With the use of an accelerometer, it fragments the colors towards its sensor. Moreover, the device is in shape of a ring making it way cooler than it sounds. You can also wear numerous rings at a time to know the exact colors to wear at the upcoming party. The gadget will be available at Sphero’s official website in the next week and will hit the stores in the spring.

Jabra Elite 85h

A million headphones are lurking in the market claiming to be too good to be true. Amidst these loudmouths, the best headphones are often silent and let the bass speak for them. Our next entry can be described as a product for those who need music for a mesmerizing experience.

The noise canceling wireless device is in straight competition with the best Sony and Bose models. This $300 gadget will let you hear even the slightest stems used in the song for being part of the Microsoft Surface headphones. It also provides tap free voice control thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with eight microphones making it a number one contender for the best headphones in the market. As of now, it is believed that the product’s shipping will start by April.

Rocket Ball Re-usable Notebook

With the amount of environmental impact that paper has on earth our eco-friendly friends would be more than happy to welcome ROCKET BALL. Not only this notebook is infinitely reusable but is also the most fun thing you will do inside a lecture or a meeting. The book contains 32 pages that can be wiped after use. Users can simultaneously upload their writings directly to Dropbox, Google Docs and other such cloud services. You can become the proud owner of this gadget at $44 only.

Bang & Olufsen A9 Wireless Speaker

The black orb is something a person with aesthetic values would love and cherish for life. It 70 cm diameter speaker will provide you appropriate sound levels for your personal room plus the freedom of hanging it on a wall like a wallpaper will recreate your entire interiors. The wireless device can be connected with Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA and can also be played through Spotify Connect, Deezer and TuneIn. One should know that it comes with a price tag of $2,550 which will certainly make a lot of people uncomfortable. But for those who are entitled to collecting art the gadget is a “black diamond.”

These devices have been handpicked by our experts who assure their price to value reasonability. Just buy these gadgets before developers run out of the current stock. Till then enjoy other tech Articles on our website.