Six Tech Innovations Worth Investing In

Six Tech Innovations Worth Investing In

10th May 2018 0 By Jamie Francis

The previous year has been characterized by a ton of innovations in the technology business. The tech business continues to boom with no sign for slowing down in the vicinity. While investors are warming up for the next hot start-up, choosing a suitable tech business to invest in is not a walk in the park. The shift in the tech landscape makes tech business investment quite risky. However, if you play your cards right, you could land into a lucrative investment deal. Investors will need a good banking system to work with so they can provide a good base for what they need to do, checking out comdirect Test, as well as others, will help investors get started in the area they want. So what is the next big thing in technology to invest in?

I have done extensive research and have come up with a list of viable tech businesses you should include in your investment. If however, you do want more a more varied investment portfolio within your technology investments, you can invest in bonds, also known as, in Anleihen investieren, to see how that can add to your money. Some of these businesses have been around and are projected to grow tremendously. Obviously, you need to ensure you use the right method to invest correctly, otherwise you could lose money. For example, you could read this hargreaves lansdown review to learn about how they can help you invest in stocks of different businesses. But, before you read that, END TEXT here are some of the technology businesses worth investing in. Here are some of the technology businesses worth investing in.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest stories in the technology world. While we can argue what AI can and cannot solve, the fact that it is growing rapidly is not debatable. To put this into perspective the share of jobs requiring artificial skills has increased more than four times since 2013. Today, the things scientists would dream about in the 70s, such as autonomous vehicles, can be seen performing tasks like deliveries and such with the help of the technology developed by the likes of Torc Robotics or similar companies. And it is only the beginning for a concept such as AI. You can invest in AI by purchasing or building your Artificial intelligence motif, buy AI software, invest in AI “proxy” Exchange Traded Fun, buy AI Chipmakers or join AI startups.


Blockchain has created an online buzz. Its structural framework has attracted massive attention from potential investors. However, it is one of the very fragile investment methods. Its ability to enhance systems security is what has attracted global firms to dedicate their resources to blockchain technology. In essence, Blockchain technology is a public ledger of truncation records.


If you wish to make a fortune, it is imperative you consider buying 5G stocks. As telcos move to launch their first 5G networks, 5G stocks might be headed for a boom. 5G provide high security, seamless network, and video enhancement optimization. Some of the stocks you should consider buying include Apple, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Intel and Nokia.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is relatively new business venture. However, it is being adapted to the mainstream society hence becoming a hot target for tech investors. From enterprise app development (see the reference here) to smart homes and cities, IoT has a broad range of applications. It is a method of connecting internet devices so that they make a decision and act accordingly to it. Even mega-companies such as Amazon and Google are investing in IoT. An example of a suitable IoT stock to buy is Quaterhill Inc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has taken the data industry by a storm. It is a practice of using remote servers hosted on the web to manage, process data and store rather than a personal computer or local server. If you are eying investment in the cloud computing industry, then you should start by buying stocks from Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Silver economy

Silver economy refers to industries which could benefit from aging population. It is a super trendy and a golden opportunity for investors to tap onto a secular trend that is long lasting. The population of over 60+ group is growing as much three times as the younger generation. Additionally, the senior citizens own up to 60% of wealth. While baby boomers account for over 50% of the consumer spending the spending power of the people over 60 years is projected to double by 2020. It is prudent to invest in companies that globally focus on innovations to address the retiree community needs.


Investing in tech is a prudent step toward economic and personal growth. The probability of making a profit is almost certain. However, it is imperative that you do due diligence not to make hasty decisions. Proper research and consultation will essentially help you to evade uncalculated risks. Once you make a proper decision, you can invest in a tech industry of your choice, and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.