The Best Smartphones on the Market

The Best Smartphones on the Market

10th November 2018 0 By Jamie Francis

Now that we are fast approaching what we would call the end of the year, we can now tell that all smartphones of significant models have been launched and it has not been an easy task to sieve out the best ten out of them. This list is a thought-out and well-worked one. All of the ten smartphones you will find on it are beyond excellent and possess certain features that make each of them a worthy contender for the top spot. It has become so easy these days to find a great phone and we’re being totally honest with you, the phones that have been rolled out into the market recently are so great that there is no need to be having your phone changed annually anymore. If you are someone who is glued to their smartphone, then you probably do everything from it, so articles like this one and others that can be found at links such as, for example, are an important bit of reading material.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This phone is actually best for business and continually proves to be the best for 2018. The Galaxy Note 9 is an upgrade of Note 8 featuring a Bluetooth S Pen alongside more internal space and RAM improvement, a standout 4000mAh battery, enhanced dual rear cameras with intelligence, better audio and a new rear fingerprint scanner placement.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still continues to feature the foundational aspects such as high water resistance, fast wireless charging, AMOLED screen, expandable storage and much more.


  1. Huawei Mate 20 PRO. The recently announced Mate 20 pro actually brings together all of Huawei’s greatness and puts it into a single device which seems to be unbeatable.

It possesses the triple rear camera from the P20 Pro but in a different arrangement with a change made to one of the lenses. The rear cameras vary with 40MP, 20MP and 8MP resolution and bears a front camera of 24MP with great AI to make great shots. Another interesting thing done by Huawei on this model is to include an external storage card slot making use of its own new nano memory card rather than the already conventional microSD cards. It is also not hard to say that we didn’t notice the fingerprint scanner embedded into the display. The massive 4200mAh battery didn’t come as much of a surprise as we already know Huawei for its lasting battery life, but it is still appreciated.


  1. Google Pixel 3 XL. While the earlier mentioned Galaxy Note 9 renders you with about everything you want, it is not so good at software updates. If you want to get a smartphone that will always provide you with the latest updates and at the same time offer you a great stock experience, then no one does it better than Google Pixel 3 XL. It has a cool display of 6.3 inch with a battery life of 3430mAh, 4gb of RAM, 64GB and 128GB internal storage alongside a great 12.2 megapixel camera. The Pixel 3 XL is powered by the latest Android 9.0 Pie and will receive upgrade for 3 years so you can see why it is number 3.


  1. Apple iPhone XS Max. Apple, last year pushed their entry-level price up to $1000 and raised it again this year for the iPhone XS Max. It boasts of a fabulous OLED screen, long-life battery and a new camera software. The XS Max starts at a minimal storage of 64GB which goes for $1099 and up to 512GB for $1449. That’s basically all the best features of the iPhone but still most websites might put it as number one but – it is personally something difficult for me to justify this kind of big device when I don’t see something special in it.


  1. OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus 6T earned this spot because of its high end specs, affordable price, cool responsive performances and new technology integration.


If I was making a list of affordable phones, you could bet that the OnePlus 6T would top the list with its pricings ranging from $529-$649 with its RAM of 6Gb and internal storage of up to 128GB ranging to 8Gb RAM and 256GB of internal storage for the higher prices. I am sure you cannot find these sort of great specs for these low prices on another phone. Not to forget, it actually possesses a good camera and a very long lasting battery as well.


With these list of just 5 best smartphones for the year, I am totally sure that you can never buy wrong.