Reasons Why You Might Need a PC Instead of a Laptop

Reasons Why You Might Need a PC Instead of a Laptop

13th April 2018 0 By Jamie Francis

Often people want to go for the laptop because it is lighter, simpler to carry and consumes less energy. In fact, the trend has been for a long time to go for the smaller technology. However, there are a few areas where the PC outperforms the laptop and may be the better option for you.

  1. Price/ performance ratio

You are going to get a PC that is more powerful than a laptop which is priced at a similar cost. Whether its $400 or $1000, the PC comes with more features and a more powerful processor.

What’s more you also get more options with components when it comes to your PC. While this allows desktops to come in a range of costs and prices, they are also relatively cheaper than laptops.

You can add more RAM to your laptop, but you are able to add more components and even greater RAM to your PC. Since the processors in the PC are larger, they are often far more powerful than laptop processors.  In fact, in case of a new advancement in processor technology, they will come out as PC processors first and later laptop processors.

  1. Repair

It is far easier to repair a PC than a laptop. With your desktop computer, you can simply open it up, remove and add new components and is also very easy to clean it up.

Handling a laptop in this way will require a bit more skill.

  1. Full sized keyboard

With PCs the larger keyboards make typing far easier. What’s more, the keyboards come with a number pad. While there are larger laptops, with a good-sized keyboard, some laptops are smaller and may not be ideal for people with larger hands.

What’s more, in case you wanted to upgrade some keyboard features such as backlighting, all you need to do is replace the current keyboard. This is not so with laptops.

  1. Screen size

You can change the normal desktop screen for a TV screen thus the display will be as large as the TV. The size that you want really comes down to what you prefer.

Laptops on the other hand are designed for portability which means that they will often come with smaller screens. However, it is still important to note that laptops can also be connected to external displays.

  1. Gaming

You can install a high power video card in a desktop. Such video cards also need more heat dissipation which a PC can provide. Since there is more space in a desktop and the fact that you can use 1000+ watt power supplies, it is possible to use virtually any type of video card. You can even simultaneously use two or even 3 video cards.

The less space in a laptop often means less graphics capabilities. There is also less heat dissipation in a laptop. Laptops use less power which means they are not ideal for video cards with high power requirements.