How We Expect VR Technology to Advance in the Near Future

How We Expect VR Technology to Advance in the Near Future

12th September 2018 0 By Jamie Francis

Virtual reality have become so popular and known to almost all; it’s multiple usage coupled with its applications is undoubtedly the cause of its popularity all over the globe. As at now, the applications of virtual reality is being maximize by those that are actively involved in the Game community. But in few years to this time, it has been predicted and we believed that it would be used to train and even preserve the lives. Those things that has been predicted and are being expected by the people are listed below with our own efforts/contributions of bringing these things to reality includes:

Shops [Virtual Shops]:

Research from a trusted source confirmed that one of the thing these online shops deprive people of is the feel of walking from the aisle of one shopping centre to the other; really that experience is really fun and it is really a disadvantage to online shopping; But come to think of it, do you know with you putting on your virtual reality glasses you can actually get the feel and the same experience of walking through the aisles of shopping centres, yes it is real, and even right in the comfort of your room, you can have all of the fun of going for shopping. Think about putting your virtual reality glasses on and being instantly taken to a virtual reality store customised just for you.

Real Estate:

This in reality is already a multi-billion [if not multi-trillion] dollar market. Already, companies have been using Real Estate Software to help them find the right house for their clients, but VR could help take this further. Virtual reality in this case could reduce the operational cost and improve the lead qualities by making the real estate business far better than it has been. Think about using Virtual reality in building design centers, real estate marketplace, interior designs, neighbourhood tours, rental website and so on. That would definitely go a long way in changing the whole game.

Health Care:

It is of no doubt that health care centers has really been trying to adopt the usage of bee technological inventions into their sector, as this would really go a long way in helping them deliver their works efficiently; Virtual reality is one of the technological inventions that the health care sector are planning to adopt as the use of this can not be overemphasised in the sector. From this we can tell that private clinics will take the lead in bringing innovations like this to lives of patients while at the same time investing in the real benefits behind virtual reality. Technology in the healthcare sector is always important as it can not only benefit the patients receiving the care, but it can help staff manage themselves a lot better which will support the care they give. For example, the implementation of shift management software has been essential to keep track of patients and staff through this technology, so when VR becomes the norm, it will hold a whole host of positives.

Danger In Jobs:

In a few years, our technicians will have the opportunity of going for workshops and training programs for the so-called hazardous jobs we have in society. The technicians would get the opportunity of maximizing the use of virtual reality in certain intense situations from the luxury of a conference room, even before they would have to come across such circumstances in real life. Resources such as vr training can ensure that the technicians and machinery operators can learn and train through a predesigned setting to avoid injuries. It can also enhance work efficiency and provide assessment and feedback for every individual.


Nowadays, if you might have noticed, students are already relying on online education and virtual networking (pop over here for more info) skills to interact, study, and get their things done. Soon, virtual reality might also make a grand entrance into their lives. The integration of virtual reality into education has a lot of potential that has not been looked into yet. As we know, virtual reality is a limitless tool that allows immersion into a totally new environment, and if used maximally, could actually be open the eyes of students to things that are impossible otherwise. In all areas of education, Virtual reality has always proven to not only deliver content but to do it attractively and would do more if used for intensive learning experiences.


Quite a lot of people out there is actually longing to have immersive exercise experiences. But it saddens my spirit, as most people who takes cycling as a hobby do it mostly on a stationary bike at home without a change in the scenery. Have you ever thought of you being at home but riding through the French countrysides or down the streets there at Amsterdam, with all the interesting views around. Though the purpose is to get exercised but yet the interesting side looks is very important too.

In conclusion, the sincere truth is that Virtual reality has been preparing to go mainstream for a long time, but we should not be deceived, as the future of virtual reality is not just gaming or will be limited to these headsets sort of a thing you are used to seeing. The virtual reality of the future would be able to change how we see and learn about the immediate world around us, not just gaming-wise but in all aspects and areas of life we could ever think of. My word of advice for the people out there is for them to prepare to receive these things as we are really working relentlessly from our end to see that these proposed achievements is achieved in due time.