6 Business Applications that Could Take You to Greater Heights

6 Business Applications that Could Take You to Greater Heights

16th December 2020 0 By Jamie Francis

Businesses of all sizes faced many challenges this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many went into survival mode, keeping only their skeletal staff to keep them afloat. Many others have had to take a crash course on business computer programs and applications to keep the business running smoothly, Baggl online marketplace has got you covered.

These are some of the most common business applications that kept many businesses afloat this year:

  • Google Workspace for Maximum Productivity: Microsoft Office has some serious competition. This year, many businesses saw how convenient Google’s cloud storage and work collaboration solutions are. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides kept operations going despite lockdowns, physical distancing, and work-from-home set-ups.
  • Slack for Constant Communication: Many startups and small businesses still use Skype for internal communications that don’t require emails. But Slack quickly gained popularity in 2020 as well. Its advanced encryption and authentication make it a good choice for business owners. Many people enjoy Slack’s Giphy feature, too.
  • QuickBooks and FreshBooks for Accurate Accounting: These apps prepare digital payrolls and invoices without a glitch. They can also be integrated into e-commerce sites like Shopify and WooCommerce. Whereas QuickBooks is ideal for businesses that sell products, Freshbooks is more suitable for solopreneurs and service-based businesses.

These aren’t the only ways your business can benefit from ever-evolving technology, though. There are many more business apps that improve your productivity, reduce your operating costs, and maximize your profits. The apps might not be free, but they will definitely bring in strong ROI. You could even get a customized business app with the help of specialists in the domain. Prospective app developers and their works are often on display on portfolio websites like Visual Objects (https://visualobjects.com/app-development). This could help businesses find the best person or team, to build their app and design it in accordance to their needs!

However, for now, you could take note of these types of apps that could improve your business processes:

Accounting Apps

QuickBooks and FreshBooks have been mentioned above as accounting tools that can help with payroll and invoices. You can get outsourced bookkeeping services for your taxes and accounting. But if you would rather handle it yourself, you can use software like TaxJar to prepare automated tax reports for you. Remember, these are not the only options that you have to choose from. For example, if you want, you can even outsource your payroll services to companies like Boardroom who are known to offer smart business solutions to suit individual tastes.

Employee Management Apps

There’s more to your internal operations than accounting and tax management. Apps like Homebase, Connecteam, and Deputy make employee scheduling and management easier for you. Minimize the complexities of building schedules and managing labor costs with the help of one of these apps.

E-commerce Apps

If you want to launch an online store, or if you already have one but you’re having a hard time managing it, consider investing in an e-commerce app that can seamlessly manage inventory, order fulfillment, and online payment in one place. Some of the best apps for this are WooCommerce and GoDaddy.

Inventory Management Apps

Speaking of inventory, you may opt for an app that manages the inventory across your brick-and-mortar store and your online store. Mobile apps like Zoho and MyStock give inventory access to your managers and sales team, and let them track your products and profitability from wherever they are.

Point-Of-Sale Apps

Ultimately the success of your business depends on how reliable your point of sale (POS) is. There are two main types of POS software that you can use for your business: on-premise and cloud-based software And according to Shopify, is increasingly mainstream because of its flexibility and accessibility.

Booking and Scheduling Apps

If you run a service-based business like a restaurant or a spa or home repair, invest in a scheduling app that lets clients make reservations or book appointments online. Make it easier for people to book your services when they come across your business online. This could result in greater lead conversion.

Make 2021 the year to rebuild your business and take it to greater heights. Consider getting these apps to help you. Invest in the right business apps to streamline your workflow and serve your customers better.