5 Digital Techniques for Improving Customer Satisfaction

5 Digital Techniques for Improving Customer Satisfaction

7th September 2020 0 By Jamie Francis

Many studies have posited the link of customer satisfaction to improved business revenue and profitability. The link has been established with many fields of business, including the insurance industry. Businesses can enhance their customer satisfaction with greater results by leveraging digital technology.

Tech integration is one of the most crucial phases of improving your business, but sadly many businesses don’t see it that way. In a 2019 survey, only 7 percent of companies have managed to fully implement their digitization. If you’re unsure about using technology to improve your customer’s experience, here are four technologies you should consider employing.

Mobile Accessibility

Experts predict that by 2025, almost 75 percent of the world’s population will be accessing the internet solely form their smartphones. If you don’t ensure your business is accessible to people through their mobile devices, you risk losing relevance in the future. Considering how much commerce is done through the internet, this is an advantage your business can’t afford to lose.

Your website has to look well on mobile screens without losing any of its functionality. This means the text remains readable on a small screen and any buttons can be easily pressed. By making your sites mobile-friendly, your customers will have an easier time using them.

Machine Learning

Information is power, but sometimes there can be too much information for you to process easily. Customer preferences, demographics, and sales projections are all important when you want your business to succeed. But analyzing them can be difficult. Numerous industries are now leveraging artificial intelligence to come up with solutions to their problems.

Companies collate their data through surveys or customer information using assistance from companies like Reputation.com to create the surveys needed. This data is then fed to software that can distinguish negative and positive experiences. Using this processed data, your business can rectify problems with customer experience. Machine learning can also be used to come up with marketing strategies and sales tactics.


Accessibility and availability are two important facets of customer satisfaction. Unless your business can afford to have representatives wait by communications channels at all hours, you’ll have a hard time catering to your customer’s needs. Usually, customers only want clarification about issues or confirmation or processes, which can be handled in a few minutes.

Chatbots provide a perfect solution in bridging this need. These software programs can reply to customer queries with preprogrammed responses and provide ready answers all the time. Advanced programming can enhance the utility of chatbots, making them more human-like and convenient for your customers to use.

Self-Service Features

Finally, thanks to digital technology, customers won’t have to wait for your employees or representatives to accomplish tasks. Websites and hotlines can have features that allow users to initiate process on their own. For example, all digital markets allow their users to search for products, select them, and make their purchases without relying on anyone. Easy digital payment options also make customers more independent and more empowered.

However, since the need for a personalized shopping experience becomes a requisite for customer satisfaction, companies are looking into providing the best of software that can ensure smooth customer interaction with e-commerce. HCL Commerce Cloud can help companies implement the best features and enhance their best digital capabilities. By integrating HCL commerce, companies can also manage websites and content and provide a digital experience that fuels businesses worldwide.

Digital technology’s primary purpose is to make people’s lives more convenient. Integrating them more and more into your business offers a way to not just streamline your operations, but make them more enjoyable for your customers.